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Opportunities for Graduates

Transform Your PORTAL Skills into Real-World Impact

Welcome to the expansive world of opportunities that unfolds after you graduate from the PORTAL training program. Our journey together doesn’t end at graduation; it’s just the beginning of a path where you can apply your newfound capabilities in transformative, impactful ways. For those who have shown exceptional promise and are eager to take their skills to professional heights, we offer unique career pathways and additional training options.

For graduates inclined towards therapeutic work, we introduce the Quantum Alignment Protocol. This is not just any therapeutic approach; it involves accessing the timeline where a client's ideal circumstances unfold and working backward—reverse engineering the steps necessary to guide them efficiently to their desired state. With an additional 8 weeks of specialized training, this protocol equips you to facilitate profound transformational journeys, helping clients align with their highest potential using the advanced techniques learned in PORTAL.

Future Legacy Solutions focuses on addressing global challenges. From environmental sustainability to social justice, our team uses PORTAL techniques to devise innovative solutions for the pressing issues facing our world, aiming to leave a lasting positive legacy.

Future Legacy Solutions
Timeline Strategies

Timeline Strategies specializes in utilizing PORTAL’s ability to access alternate timelines for personal and business strategy. This division helps clients align with their desired realities, offering a unique service that takes full advantage of the PORTAL training's insights into the mechanics of reality.

And for those with a creative flair, Mindwerx is dedicated to the entertainment industry, helping businesses set new trends and craft unforgettable experiences for their audiences. By tapping into the creative potential unleashed by PORTAL, Mindwerx stands at the forefront of innovation in entertainment, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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