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Therapeutic Uses of Portal

Transform Lives with the Therapeutic Power of PORTAL

Are you ready to unlock new dimensions of healing and personal growth for your clients or yourself? Or perhaps you're seeking a meaningful and impactful career?

Discover PORTAL and our Quantum Alignment Protocol (QAP), which offers a revolutionary approach to therapy. QAP leverages the unique capabilities of PORTAL to access and navigate multiple realities, providing precise guidance and insights that enable clients to achieve their ideal outcomes.

With PORTAL, you can quickly identify what's holding clients back, access the timeline where they are living their desired life, and reverse-engineer a path to achieve that life. PORTAL also helps identify the most effective strategies for clients to heal and move forward with their goals.

Imagine guiding clients through deep emotional healing, resolving past traumas, and accelerating personal development with remarkable effectiveness. By tapping into "vibrational signatures"—the energy patterns associated with desired states—therapists can empower clients to manifest their optimal realities.


PORTAL techniques also allow for an exploration of subconscious landscapes, uncovering hidden solutions that conventional therapy might miss.

To become a Quantum Alignment Protocol (QAP) practitioner, we offer a comprehensive training program. The foundational 16-week PORTAL course is the pre-requisite and it equips you with the essential skills to navigate the realms of consciousness, laying the groundwork for advanced techniques like QAP.


The PORTAL training  is followed by an intensive year-long QAP course, designed to deeply integrate your understanding and application of these innovative techniques.

In the QAP course, you'll master the skills needed to conduct detailed client interviews and use PORTAL to identify the timelines where your clients are living their best lives. More importantly, you will learn how to reverse engineer these timelines to create a clear and achievable pathway for your clients to reach their desired outcomes.

The training doesn't stop at identification; it equips you with a broad range of powerful interventions drawn from various modalities, including hypnotherapy, focused one-on-one and group intention sessions, energy healing, and medical intuition. You'll gain expertise in identifying the root causes that have kept your clients stuck and learn to tailor specific techniques and practices that propel them forward efficiently and effectively.

This comprehensive approach ensures that as a QAP practitioner, you're not only adept at using advanced consciousness techniques but also skilled in applying a holistic set of tools to support and accelerate your clients' journeys toward personal fulfillment and well-being.

Whether you're a seasoned therapist looking for cutting-edge tools or a newcomer to consciousness-based healing, PORTAL welcomes you. Our framework provides a comprehensive system for transformative practice. Join us and discover how PORTAL can revolutionize your practice, offering new pathways to healing, growth, and self-discovery for your clients.

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