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What is PORTAL Training all about?

Imagine embarking on a 16-week journey that not only challenges your perceptions of the possible but also empowers you to explore the vastness of your own consciousness. Through live, interactive Zoom classes, PORTAL offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the unseen and unlock your true potential.

What Will You Learn?

Perceptual Bilocation

Master the ablity of being in multiple places at once, transcending the limitations of physical space.

Accessing Alternate Realities 

Navigate through the myriad possibilities of your life, exploring different outcomes, possibilities, timelines  and paths.

Harnessing Non-Local Awareness

 Connect with information and wisdom beyond your physical senses. Get information about any person, place, event -past, present or future by accessing the zero point field .


Are You Ready to...

  • Break free from conventional understandings of time and space?

  • Explore the depths of your consciousness and discover realms beyond the physical?

  • Access wisdom and insights that can transform your perspective on life?

  • Gain  new appreciation for what you are capable of and what it means to explore your own consciousness?

  • Connect with a community of like-minded explorers on this incredible journey?

If  you're seeking more than just a superficial change, if you're yearning for a profound transformation that touches the core of who you are, you will love PORTAL . This isn't just about learning new concepts; it's about experiencing them firsthand, in real-time, guided by experts who have navigated these realms themselves.

Intro to PORTAL
Uses of PORTAL
The Concepts that Make PORTAL Work
The PORTAL Training Process
Expectations of Students
Opportunities for Graduates
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