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Uses of PORTAL

Explore the endless possibilities of PORTAL, where your imagination has no limits. Travel through ancient lands or unlock future realities - PORTAL gives your consciousness a blank canvas to bring your desires to life. Whether you want to heal, learn, or explore the cosmos, your journey is yours to design. 


Personal Growth:

Understand how past events shaped you, develop a deeper appreciation for what you are capable of and experience the side effects of PORTAL, more curiosity, joy, and groundedness.

Enhanced Creativity:

Envision tapping into the Renaissance era to draw inspiration from master artists for your next masterpiece.

Spiritual Exploration:

Connect with ancient spiritual sites like Stonehenge in a vivid, sensory-rich meditation, enhancing your spiritual practice. Speak to Divine beings or spiritual leaders, past or present, and get insight and advice.

Historical Exploration:

Explore any era. , event or location. Walk through the bustling streets of ancient Rome, observing daily life and historical landmarks as if you were truly there.

Future Exploration:

Visualize multiple paths unfolding, allowing you to experience the outcomes before making a pivotal decision. Will there be natural disasters in the area you want to move to? How will a relationship turn out? Get answers before you make life changing decisions.

Healing and Therapy:

Access childhood memories to understand and heal deep-seated emotional wounds or learn our proprietary method of using PORTAL for therapuetic purposes and help others.

Stress Reduction:

Find yourself on a serene beach, listening to the waves and feeling the sun, all from the comfort of your meditation space. Enjoy a mini vacation without the hassle of flying, spending money or long wait times.

Educational Enhancement:

Dive into the microscopic world of cells and DNA strands as if journeying inside a biology textbook. Explore history by going there and seeing for yourself what happened.

Remote Viewing:

Use non local awareness to explore any event or location. Describe the interior of a distant ancient temple, providing details that you've never seen in photographs.

Connecting with Non-Physical Entities:

Engage in a dialogue with a spiritual guide, elder or beloved loved one, receiving wisdom and guidance for your life path.

Past Life Exploration:

Get insgiht into past and parallel lives and understand how they have shaped you.


Align with a timeline where you've achieved your dream life, drawing insights to make it a reality in your current timeline.

Intuition Development:

Develop a deeper connection with your subconscious mind and connect with Source energy more easily.

Empathy and Understanding:

Experience the world from the perspective of someone from a completely different culture, broadening your empathy.

Cultural Exploration:

Explore and develop an appreciation of other cultures.  Attend a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, observing and participating in the rituals as if you were there.

Problem Solving:

Tap into the collective consciousness to find innovative solutions to an issue that arises in your life. 

Global Improvement:

Find solutions to the worlds big issues, and  contribute to sustainable solutions.

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