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Have you ever questioned the true limits of your consciousness or wondered if there is more to reality than we might know? Do you question if there are there experiences and dimensions beyond your immediate senses?

Discover PORTAL—a transformative 16-week program that invites you to explore unseen realms of awareness and master perceptual bilocation, the ability to be in multiple places at once. With PORTAL, you can engage with alternate timelines, connect directly to the universal Source, and unlock your dormant potential.

Why accept the ordinary when you can access extraordinary abilities? Explore our site to learn more about how PORTAL can open up new possibilities for you.

Join our community of consciousness explorers and embark on an adventure into vast awareness. Are you ready to step through the PORTAL?


Welcome to PORTAL: Expanding the Boundaries of Consciousness




What is PORTAL?

Want to know more about the training, the theories that underlie PORTAL, the opportunities for graduates or what we expect from our students? We tell you everything you need to know about the training so you can make an informed decision


Uses of PORTAL

Discover the limitless possibilities of PORTAL. Explore how to traverse realities, master perceptual bilocation, and unlock profound insights. Dive into the uses of PORTAL and see how it can transform your life. Ready for an adventure? 


Opportunities for Grads

We have several opportunities available to people who show promise with our PORTAL training. Whether you want to join a team and do paid work, learn our proprietary method of using PORTAL therapeutically or do humanitarian work, we have opportunities available for you!



PORTAL for Spirtual growth

PORTAL has many potential uses for the spiritual seeker, lover of all things spiritual growth or consciousness explorer. Come learn how PORTAL can help you to grow and expand as a spiritual being


Therapeutic uses of PORTAL

A surprising and delightful side effect of using PORTAL in our students was that they were happier, more curious, playful, grounded and less anxious. So, we created a therapeutic form of PORTAL for those already trained in therapeutic work or wanting to work in the field.


Find out about upcoming classes

Check out our calendar for an upcoming class that suites your schedule or to find out about events, advanced training  and workshops for graduates.

To say that Ozz’s Portal training has changed my life is an understatement. The training was methodical, personalized and challenging, with achievable goals. Thanks to Ozz’s patience, persistence and skill in seeming to be aware of what our needs were, he tailored our training in real time to enable us to achieve unimaginable milestones. I’ve been able to understand and move past the reflexive self-imposed limitations and beliefs that have prevented me from realizing, developing and making better use of my skills and abilities. As a result of my portal training, my focus has vastly improved. I find I can usually move into my routine daily meditation practice with ease. When I call on my portal training, I’m immediately in tune with my inner guidance and solutions to vexing problems arrive on demand. Over the past several months, this training has saved me considerable money in household repairs that I was able to complete myself rather than enlisting the help of costly service providers. Also, my health and well-being has improved from lowered pressure to impressive improvements in memory and recall and new milestones in my gym workouts. Using my portal skills, I’m able to sustain an elevated mood and hopeful outlook on life, secure in the confidence that I can create my own reality. I’m gratified that I’ve been able to help friends with issues in their lives using my portal training. Just recently, two long-time friends told me, “I love being around you. You calm me down, lift my spirits, and inspire me to see the world in a different way.” For me, that’s reinforcement that the changes I’m experiencing are real and not a product of my imagination. For all this, I’m deeply grateful. - Rose E.

Rose E.

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